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I went in to have my hair fixed and Alysia did AMAZING! Not only did she correct the color, but there are now beautifully placed highlights with different tones. This is the Balayage i was looking for! Will definitely make my next appointment with her!!
— Latasha M.

I have been going to Veda up on the north end, consistently, for almost two years. I’ve FINALLY found a stylist to stick with. Here is the thing at Veda, if you are picky about your hair, you HAVE to go with a level four stylist. You HAVE to! Yes it’s expensive but ya gotta. The other level stylists have done a fine job. However, I have ALWAYS been much more than satisfied with my hair, even when I did something drastic. . . . . when it was done by a level four.

Here is something I would like to see at Veda, getting some type of discount on hair products in return for paying for hair color, cuts, or other services. I don’t LOVE Aveda products but I would be more inclined to try them if I got a discount for using the VERY pricey services that Veda offers. Or even getting a free trial size of something. If I really liked the product after using the trial size, I would potentially be more inclined to buy the full price version on a regular basis.
— Jo L.

Massage with Tricia - I’m very picky when it comes to massage and a good massage therapist understand comfort and communication are important. Tricia’s impeccable service is always a joy. She makes sure you relax and have water first. She explains the process and gives opportunity for questions before the massage begins.

When it comes to the actual massage - there is NO ONE like Tricia!
Treat yourself and book your massage with the best. She will leave you feeling as though you floated off a cloud into your perfect self. The peace and serenity you walk away with is priceless.

Looking forward to my next massage! :)
— Michelle K.