Cell Phones - To preserve the tranquil environment we ask that all cell phones be turned off before entering the spa.

Children – For their safety, children are welcome in the spa only if they are receiving services.

Gratuities – Gratuities are not included in the service rates.

Amendment 70 Fee – A 3% charge will be added to all prices, and a 2% Cash Discount is offered.

Cancellation Policy – We understand that sometimes it is necessary to reschedule or cancel appointments. Therefore, please give us 24 hours’ notice prior to changing or canceling and we will gladly handle your reservation and waive our cancellation fee. If you reschedule or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time your credit card on file will be charged 50% of the full price of all scheduled service(s). If you reschedule or cancel your appointment within 12 hours of your appointment time or do not show up for your appointment, your credit card on file or hotel room will be charged for the full price of all scheduled service(s).

New Featured Experience

Mile High Massage (21 years old and older)                                                                         60 Minutes          $135                                                                                                                    90 Minutes          $185

Bringing together the health benefits of organic essential oils and cannabis oil creates a unique and curative experience to therapeutic massage. Our cannabis lotions have a CBD oil base, with organic/food grade aromatherapies. The benefits naturally contained in the cannabis; anti- inflammatory properties, extreme muscle relaxation and pain relief, provide a sensory awakening that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. The hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties of the cannabis oils provide a natural, youthful resilience to the skin.  For those concerned about "getting high" – The active ingredients of cannabis oil (CBD), when applied topically, bind to specific (cannabinoid) receptors, in the skin. This binding action gives you the powerful health benefits of the cannabis without the "high". This soothing and calming massage touches your mind, body and spirit!     

Hair Care

Hair Cuts

                                                 Women                     Men

By a Stylist                               from $44                from $25

By a Master Stylist                   from $55                from $40

By a Creative Designer           from $60                from $50

For a Child (10 & under)                       from $20

Price variations are based on education and experience. Prices begin at Pure Talent level and rise to Creative Designer level.

Hair Styling Services

Blow Out / Style               from $30
Flat / Curling Iron additional  

$10  Up- Do                     from  $55

Great Lengths / So-Cap Extensions Price available upon consultation

Healthy Hair & Scalp

Add on Botanical Treatments                                   - with any hair service     $25

Dry Remedy Moisture             Damage Remedy Protein           Invati Scalp Detox                    Smooth Infusion

Hair Color

Single Process from $65
Highlight and Color from $130 and up
Full Highlight from $110
Partial Highlight from $95
Color Correction - Price after consultation            Permanent Wave from $100                                               Hair Relaxing from $80


  • Application: Complimentary with over $50 make-up purchase
  • Make-up Lesson per hour:  $50 plus make-up purchase          
  • Specialty Make-up: Complimentary with over $79 make-up purchase

Nail Treatment Experiences

Starting prices for nail services:

  • Express Natural Nail Manicure $35
  • Spa Manicure with paraffin $42
  • Polish Change $15
  • Express Aveda Pedicure $45
  • Spa Pedicure with paraffin $60
  • Gel Manicure $50
  • Gel Refresh - removal and re-apply $55


Body Treatments

Veda Signature Salt Glow
60 minutes $85

A combination of minerals and Dead Sea salts with the appropriate composition and essential oil blend is gently applied to exfoliate your skin and to leave it soft and supple.  A great treatment any time of the year.

Salt Glow Add-on
30 Minutes $50

Enhance your massage experience by adding on a gentle exfoliation before your massage.


Purifying Back Treatment
60 Minutes $95

A detoxifying body wrap treatment featuring Aveda Caribbean Therapy products.
(Suggested season for experience: Winter)

Beautifying Wrap
90 minutes $140

Seaweed body wrap featuring the uplifting aroma of the Aveda Beautifying body care products. The treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed masque (applied to the back), scalp and face massage and foot reflexology treatment.


* * In-Room Massage at The Hotel Monaco * *

Please contact us for pricing and availability

Spa Massages

Chakra™ Balancing Massage
90 minutes $150 

An innovative in-salon spa ritual steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Merges massage and guided meditation with our Chakra™ Balancing Blend aromas to open and balance the chakras—energy centers of the body. Features deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles and energy work for the chakras.

The Veda Massage
60 Minutes $100
90 Minutes $140

The healing properties of eucalyptus oil are combined with the ultimate stress relieving massage. You create your own massage experience by telling the therapist what areas to focus on. Pick the time, pick the place and enjoy.

Pre-Natal Massage
60 Minutes $100
90 Minutes $150

Utilizing techniques from other massage modalities, designed for the special needs of the expectant mother and unborn child. A safe, comforting and relaxing experience used only after the first trimester.

60 Minutes         $100 per person       90 Minutes        $140 per person

Enjoy your customized treatment with a friend or a loved on. This universal and fully customizable massage encourages full body relaxation. A variety of techniques and ranges of pressure are used to meet your specific needs. 

Stone Massage
60 Minutes from $120
90 Minutes from $150

Feel at one with nature while your therapist smoothes warm basalt stones over your tired muscles bringing you back to a sense of well being.

Traditional Swedish Massage
60 Minutes $90
90 Minutes $130

Relaxation for muscles and nerves is obtained by using classic European techniques to gently enhance circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, and cleanse toxins from the body.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue
60 Minutes $110
90 Minutes  $150

Used for chronic pain or injuries. Utilizing thumbs, elbows and forearms, the therapist helps release and lengthen those deep, forgotten, tense and sore muscles

STRESS-FIX™ Body Massage                         60 minutes $100                                                90 minutes $150

Clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress, the Stress-Fix™ aroma with lavender, lavandin and clary sage is incorporated throughout this body massage that combines Swedish and deep tissue massage with foot reflexology, acupressure points and a guided meditation to calm and rejuvenate you.


Hydrotherapy Treatments

Healing Waters  

Harnessing the healing powers of water, this treatment improves circulation and invigorates the senses while simultaneously calming the mind. Continuous warm water from our Vichy shower keeps you comfortable throughout as you lie back and enjoy a series of delightful experiences including a natural exfoliation, soothing lymphatic drainage technique and Aveda hair treatment. Bursts of cooler water awaken the senses and refresh tired muscles—all while you remain warm and relaxed.
80 minutes $120

Lavender Rain 

Lavender and eucalyptus exfoliation awakens the body, and a warm rinse under our Vichy shower soothes it. This treatment includes a full-body moisturizer and warm stone treatment on the back and feet.
80 minutes $130

Rain Man

Designed for men, this warm custom Vichy shower experience includes hot stones on the back and feet and a full-body exfoliation. 
80 minutes $120 

Citrus Reviver

Contrasting cool elements with a warm custom Vichy shower invigorate the senses with grapefruit, clementine and lime aromatherapies. A pressure point facial massage and cool-stone eye treatment help relieve congestion. 
80 minutes $140


Veda Signature Facial
60 Minutes $95
90 Minutes $115

Our highly trained estheticians will design a customized facial experience to specifically to meet your individual skin needs, using personalized products, essential oils, and massage techniques to restore your skin to a healthy balance.

Your experience would include one or a combination of the following facial techniques:

Self Renewal: For Relaxation

This head to toe experience is designed for total relaxation and skin rejuvenation.   The combination of pressure point, lymphatic drainage and Ayurvedic massage techniques leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and alive.

Outer Peace Acne Relief

This facial treatment will help to clear your skin without over-drying and irritating effects. With a special focus on skin exfoliation and redness reduction, your skin’s appearance will improve, helping to correct as well as prevent future blemishes.

Green Science Skin Renewing: For Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Incorporates skin-rejuvenating massage with professional-only Green Science™ Masque-Age.

Enbrightenment: For Hyperpigmentation

A unique treatment inspired by traditional Asian techniques to assist with deep relaxation and aidin the penetration of highly effective products that minimize pigmentation.

Facial Enhancements

May be added to any 80 Minute Facial

Botanical Skin Resurfacing
Add $40

If you want the results of Microdermabrasion—with much less irritation, the Botanical Skin Resurfacing treatment is for you. This hands-on approach results in skin with smoother texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and significantly more radiance.

Green Science Peel
Add $40

This enhancement is Aveda’s answer to a 30% glycolic peel without the redness or down time. Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Waxing Services

Please let us know if you are using doctor prescribed skincare products or taking any medications. Please note these are starting prices for all waxing services. Other areas are available upon request. Most services require 3 weeks of hair growth.

  • Eyebrow $ 25
  • Lip $15                                 Sideburns $20                      Chin $15
  • Face (does not include brow) $35
  • Bikini Wax $40
  • Brazilian Wax $60
  • Half-Leg Wax $40
  • Whole Leg Wax $85            Half Leg $40                       Underarm $25   
  • Full Arm $50                        Half Arm $ 30                      Underarm $25
  • Back Wax $60                     Lower Back $30

Spa Packages

Ultimate Day of Rejuvenation
Up to 6 hours

Self Renewal Facial, Beautifying Wrap, Paraffin Manicure, Paraffin Pedicure, Scalp Renewal Hair Treatment, Make-up Application and Lunch.

Spa Sampler for Her
Up to 2 ½ hours   

60 minute Signature Facial or Traditional Swedish Massage, Manicure, Scalp Renewal Hair Treatment and Make-up Application.

Day of Beauty
Up to 5 ½ hours   

60 minute Signature Facial, Traditional Swedish Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Scalp Renewal Hair Treatment, Make-up Application and Lunch.

Spa Sampler for Him
Up to 3 ½ hours   

60 minute Signature Facial or Traditional Swedish Massage, Manicure, Haircut and Style.


A wedding day is a special and beautiful day. Salon appointments will prepare the bride and groom for the wedding day and the honeymoon. Practice sessions are essential. The wedding day appointments for the bride and bridal party are paid for in advance.  Please consult with our wedding consultants.

Practice session and bridal hairstyle on the day of the wedding      $195

Practice session and bridal make-up on the day of the wedding    $140