As owners, VEDA Salon & Spa is much more than just a business for us. The Sanskrit word véda “knowledge, wisdom” is derived from the root vid- “to know”. For us, it’s about collecting and passing on knowledge about life—and how to live it well. By understanding how our senses interact with the elements of nature, we can learn to achieve the balance that leads to physical health and emotional well being.

There’s a bit of us in everything that takes place at our salons and spas. So here’s a glimpse of who we are—and why we think you’ll enjoy the VEDA experience.



Carrie Perkins

I began my journey in the salon and spa world fifteen years ago and in a matter of months I knew this would be my calling in life. I applied for a job at Veda because it was an Aveda Lifestyle salon and I knew they shared my passion for people and quality of life. The only position they had open at the time was for housekeeping, but I took the position because it is very important to me that I make a difference in the world and for me the Aveda mission says it all.

My passion for people and service motivated me to work my way up to COO and part owner of Veda. Even with years of experience in the industry, I’m always looking for new ideas to give our guests an outstanding experience. That’s an attitude you’ll find consistently with our employees as well. I’m still very much a “hands-on” owner and I continue to serve guests at our Broadmoor location on Saturdays.


Sandy Francis

What is an MBA from Columbia with Wall Street securities analysis experience and a successful background in manufacturing doing in the salon and spa business?

The short answer is that I like diversity and the challenges this industry presents. When the opportunity to take over ownership of Veda came up I jumped in with both feet and set a goal of making Veda the very best in personal beauty services without having to charge more.

I love the salon and spa business because it is so individualized. Each guest has varying needs and Veda offers services tailored to each guest’s needs. That’s what’s first and foremost in my mind whether I’m in the office, analyzing the numbers or in the salons fixing computers or sinks.