Winter Care

Carribean therapyWinter has finally arrived in Colorado and boy, are we feeling the lack of moisture in our semi-arid climate! We thought we’d take a little time here to share….Hey! What are you doing? Get away from the keyb…..

Ha! We have taken over! The regularly scheduled blog poster has been temporarily moved away from the computer, so just ignore the sounds of banging from the closet over there.

It is us, your feet. We’ve missed the care you lavish on us in the summer….running us through the grass, letting us breathe in cute sandals and flip-flops, and, of course, regular pedicures!

Have you looked at us lately? We miss you! The boots, while cute (but not as cute as the sandals), squish us (except for your Uggs and, boy, are they toe-sty, err, toasty!) and the socks and nylons, well, sometimes they make us…glow (or sweat - you understand).

While we certainly don’t want to go running through the yard quite yet, we’d love a little more attention. We have some demands requests:

  • More lotion please! We do love our Foot Relief, but to change it up, have you tried the Caribbean Body Crème? It’s luscious and adds lovely moisture to our dry bits. Aqua therapy
  • Speaking of dry bits, exfoliation would be lovely. We could breathe so much better. You could use a foot file or even a nice salt scrub. You can create your own with Aqua Therapy Salts and Beautifying Composition. The Beautifying Composition is one of the most moisturizing oils Aveda makes (try it on our cuticles, too!).
  • We’d love a foot massage…Between all of those holiday parties (and, of course, totally cute holiday shoes) and being stuffed into the aforementioned boots, we need a little loving touch. So as you slather on the Foot Relief, could you take a few extra seconds to give us a little massage?
  • Oh! Oh! Oh! We know – how about this?? A mini at-home pedicure! Soak us and exfoliate us. Then, grab a couple of wet hand towels and put them in the microwave for about a minute and a half (long enough to warm but not long enough to burn). Slather on some yummy delicious lotion and wrap us in the hot towels. Relax. Sigh. We’re happy just thinking about it! When the towel cool off, remove them, pat us dry and, well, we’d love some fresh polish, if you have the time…*blush*.
  • Or, how about this? Make an appointment at your favorite Veda and give us the treatment we yearn for. Admit it; you miss the spa pedicure, too, don’t you?

Signed, with love,

Your Feet

P.S. We’ll let out the blog poster as soon as we can talk the arms and hands into it.

Posted on January 17, 2011 and filed under Beauty.