To Receive or Not To Receive…A Compilation of Best and Worst

We all know that Valentine’s Day is an expression of your love, of your couple style and the uniqueness of your relationship…but giving “unique” gifts doesn’t always mean it’s the right gift, sometimes, it’s just weird. Our staff has come up with our ideas of gifts good, bad and just plain ugly, some have been received and some, our staff prays to never receive.

Best Gifts

  • Anything homemade: Cards, desserts, dinner, you name it, if it’s homemade; it shows that you put in some effort and really care.
  • bringing home your significant other’s favorite restaurant take out after he/she has been at work all day. The two of you can enjoy a gourmet meal in the comforts of your own home and you don’t have to deal with the crowds.
  • A romantic getaway. Probably the ultimate Valentine’s Day fantasy for most women and probably most men as well. You have got it made if you are planning to take your sweetie on a trip for Valentine’s Day.
  • A shadow box filled with memories from your entire relationship. This again shows the effort you put into it and is a good reminder of when you first fell in love…awwww.
  • Anything that sparkles. Jewelry is a guaranteed winner.
  • A trip to the spa. What better way to show your loved one that they are in fact loved than sending them somewhere to relax for the day?
  • Microbrew of the month club. This is definitely for the man in your life, it’s practical and your man will love you for it.
  • Yummy treats for her…and her dog. This shows that you are thinking of not just her, but her little furry bestie as well, she will melt when you give her dog the thoughtful Valentine’s doggy treat and the rest of the night is history.
  • A couples cooking class. Something done together is the perfect way to bond and learn something that you will both enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Worst Gifts

  • A book on feminism…for your guy. Ummm really?!
  • An appliance of any kind. That’s just what a girl or guy wants on a romantic holiday, a gift that says “you need to clean more!”
  • Sugar free candy. Why don’t just tell them they are fat?! Even if they are on a diet kick, go with something that’s not candy at all before you give that box full of tears and shame.
  • Taking your significant other to a restaurant where you work and get a discount, and then bring your single friend along for the ride.
  • A bathroom scale. This goes along with the sugar free candy, just don’t even go there.
  • Fake flowers. Nothing says “I’m cheap” like giving fake flowers on Valentine’s Day; get a few real ones for the same price and save yourself from having them thrown in your face.
  • Not getting anything because you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day and don’t want to give into the hallmark scam. Again, don’t be cheap, suck it up and do something nice, even if it’s small, it will matter in a big way.
  • A stuffed animal when you’re 25. There is a very fine line between cute and just plain corny, a stuffed animal crosses that line by a mile.
  • An “I Love You” key chain. The only way this gift will be acceptable is if there is a key to something fantastic on the end of it.


Believe it or not, some of these gifts were actually given to our staff; we all had a great laugh talking about it though. Gifts on the best list just go to show that even the smallest gesture can mean the world and you don’t have to plan for months or spend a fortune to make your significant other feel important. Comment and let us know what some of your best and worst Valentine’s gifts were, we would love to hear them.

Who, being loved, is poor?

-Oscar Wilde

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