Off The Top of Our Heads!

Welcome to the new VEDA Spa & Salon website! We’re delighted you’ve chosen to visit, and we hope this will be a place you return often for information and inspiration about how to live well. We’ve designed this site with you in mind and made it easy for you to access the information you need, such as:

We’ve also made it easy to access the services you use, either by clicking on the Services tab on the home page, or by clicking on the icon for the specific service you’re interested in on the home page. We’ve also included a photo gallery that lets you see some of the latest styles, and introduces you to the outstanding VEDA staff. You’ll also find video tips on the latest beauty techniques. Let us know how it works for you!

The VEDA Community, however, is about much more than simply hair and skin care. We invite you to experience the VEDA Community and connect with others and share your thoughts, experiences, and questions about what it means to live well. This no cost, no obligation membership is a great way for you to keep abreast of upcoming activities. And it’s easy to join.

Because the VEDA Community is really about you, we want that to be reflected in the image we present. That’s the idea behind “The Faces of VEDA”. This on-going “contest” allows people to meet the most important people in the VEDA Community—you, our guests. We invite you to enter so that you can be qualified to win a fabulous package worth more than $3000! It’s easy to enter, but hurry—the entry deadline for the first “Face of VEDA” is July 16th.

Thanks for visiting us. In upcoming postings we’ll feature beauty and wellness tips from our knowledgeable and talented staff—as well as updates about events and other helpful information to help you to relax . . . renew . . . restore . . . and live well! And remember that this is your site, so we look forward to your comments and questions.

Yours for living well,

Carrie Perkins

Posted on October 6, 2010 and filed under Beauty.