Fall Makeup

This fall, the look is all about the bright, colorful jewel tones! Here, we have come up with one of our favorite looks from Aveda’s fall makeup collection:” Jewels of the Earth”. Go ahead and dig through your closet to find your favorite shades of Red Ruby, Emerald Green, Canary Yellow and Sapphire Blue to match your precious new look!  

Vibrant Jewel Makeup Look

Step 1: Prep the Skin

Start by prepping your skin using our Aveda Botanical Kinetics Gel Cleanser, spritz skin with Aveda Skin Firiming Toning Agent and then lastly use Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Lotion to moisturize and prepare skin.

Step 2: Eyes

1)     First, make sure you prime your eyes using a concealer. We brushed Aveda Balsa Concealer all over the lid with a Concealer Brush. Using a primer will ensure your eye makeup lasts throughout the day and will not crease.

2)     Use lightest eyeshadow shade first. Brush Aveda Sandine Single Eye Color all over the lid to the brow bone with a medium eyeshadow brush.

3)     Next, use medium eyeshadow shade. Using a medium eye shadow brush, blend Aveda Crushed Citrine Single Eye Color from crease to lash line.

4)     Lastly, use darkest eyeshadow shade.  Brush Aveda Terraverte Single Eye Color into outer corner of the eye and blend color into crease for a deep smoky look.

5)     Define the lower lash line by using Aveda Black Orchid Eye Definer and in the inner rim of the eye.

6)     Curl lashes and apply Aveda’s Mosscara in Black Forest.

7)     Define eyebrows with any Aveda eye definer in the shade that most closely matches your brows.

Step 3 Foundation

1)       Blend Concealer under the eyes to get rid of any under eye circles.

2)       For our model we used, Aveda Tinited Moisturizer in Beechwood with a Beauty Blender sponge to give her a smooth complexion.

3)       Set foundation using Translucent Powder with a large powder brush.

Step 4: Blush

1)     To give a nice sunkissed glow, swirl Aveda Amazonia Bronzer in the contours of the cheek with a blush brush.

Step 5: Lips

1)     Shade lips with Aveda Vanadinite Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color to complete the look.

You are ready for fall!

Posted on September 29, 2011 and filed under Beauty.