Creative and Eco-Friendly Gifts

Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society – and that counts for holiday gift giving as well! We asked a couple of our salon and spa staff about their favorite creative and eco-friendly gift giving.

Giving in the Name of Others

One of our massage therapists likes to honor and give at the same time. For instance, her uncle likes planes, so she’ll purchase a plane for a child who needs a toy and will give the gift in honor of her beloved uncle.

Giving Twice

Another spa staff member purchases grocery store gift cards from her child’s school and uses them to purchase other gift cards for various stores. Consider checking with your local school to see if they have a scrip program. Stores will often sell gift cards and certificates, also called scrip, to schools, who then get to retain a certain percentage of sales as fundraising. Use these cards and certificates to purchase gifts for loved ones and you are giving twice!

No Waste and Still Fun

Consider having a No-Waste holiday. Wrap your gifts in reusable or recycled materials – cloth, comics, fun bags that can be used again and again.

Making a Difference

Maybe Aunt Matilda actually does have everything she needs and her house won’t hold another pair of oh-so-cute salt and pepper shakers. Aunt Matilda does, however, have a soft spot in her heart for her favorite charity. Instead of scouring the malls for more condiment holders, consider making a donation in her name to Auntie’s favorite charity.

Reduce Someone’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon Fund

Purchase carbon offsets for the ones you love! Go to the website for Project C, The Colorado Carbon Fund to find out more.

Operation “Let’s Say Thanks”

Let's Say Thanks!

The Xerox Corporation is sponsoring a program where you can send a free e-postcard to troops serving abroad.  Do it and make someone’s day. Then do it again. And again.

If You Love ‘Em, Plant One On (or For) ‘Em

Show your evergreen love for your special people by purchasing a gift certificate for a tree to plant this spring.

What are some of your favorite creative and eco-friendly gifts?

Posted on December 20, 2010 and filed under Holiday.